Arjun giving a thumbs up to the sponsors
Arjun giving a thumbs up to the sponsors

HBG longHBG Trading Pte Ltd. is a recognized brand which has moved from strength to strength in commodity trading in international market with its office situated in Singapore.

HBG embarked upon its journey in the year 2012 with the objective of trading in timber and related products. The company has established a worldwide network and channels all its international sales through its associates or agents. We are one of the leading timber trading company with maximum buyers in India, Nepal & Bangladesh. The company is sourcing its supplies from countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, Africa, Myanmar, USA and Russia.

HBG has recently diversified itself into agricultural commodities such as pulses, cashew, spices, etc and we also trade in leather, metals, gypsum, etc.

HBG religiously focus on quality of service, best business practices and customer requirement right from the inception. The client stands at the forefront of everything the company does, our strategy is to stay customer oriented and continue to diversify in trade and expand globally.

The global market offers abundance of opportunities and challenges and we endeavour to provide quality product, value added services with competitive prices, HBG Trading Pte Ltd continues to take strides up the ladder.

We would like to welcome two of our food partners, Subway and Hunter Foods.

We truly enjoyed the sandwiches, cookies and snacks at the recent Dubai Kartdrome Endurance Championship.

It kept us filled and energized throughout the 12-hour race!


The story of the Subway brand started more than 50 years ago when Dr. Peter Buck, a nuclear physicist, changed the life of a college student with a few simple words, “Let’s open a submarine sandwich shop.”

It was Peter Buck that gave college freshman Fred DeLuca the idea to open a submarine sandwich shop to help pay his tuition. Peter provided an initial investment of $1000, and a business relationship was forged that would change the landscape of the fast food industry and the lives of thousands.

The partners opened their first restaurant in Bridgeport, Connecticut, where they served fresh, affordable, made to order sandwiches. The popularity of the sandwiches and the brand continued to grow over the decades but one thing remained the same and that was their core values and principles:

a) Always provide exceptional service to your valued guests;
b) Provide the highest quality menu items at a price everyone can afford and enjoy; and
c) Keep operating costs low and ensure you have great systems in place and never stop improving.

These early principles continue to serve as the foundation for Subway restaurants around the world.


Hunter Foods white bg

Hunter Foods is a leading snacks and foods manufacturer, packer, importer, exporter and distributor, headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E.

Established in 1985, it produces a wide range of speciality, gourmet and “Better for You” snacks and foods under its own brands, such as Hand Cooked Potato Chips, Wholegrain Corn Chips, Vegetable and Fruit Chips, Wholegrain Rice Snacks, High Protein Lentil Chips, Baked Pretzel Chips, Quinoa Chips, Coconut Chips, Superfoods (Grains/Seeds/Flakes/Powder) and many more. Hunter Foods also distributes other stellar brands of Cereals, Biscuits, Nuts, Salad Toppings and Coconut Water.

With its long history in the U.A.E., Hunter Foods distributes into all major retailers and food service establishments (airline, hotel, restaurants, catering companies, etc.), whilst exporting to over 25 countries in 7 continents.   It has obtained all certifications and processes to meet the requirements of any and every market. The company has been awarded Superbrands for the last 6 consecutive years. The key pillars of the company have been customer focus, innovation, quality and flexibility, and will continue to remain so in the future.


Various sponsorship packages are available.

Sponsors can display their logo and branding in dedicated areas on the kart in events that the EGKC take part in around the world.

Additionally, sponsors also have the opportunity to display logos on drivers’ and members’ racewear, team wear, merchandise, pit garage area, website and social media accounts e.g. Instagram.

Why become a sponsor?

  • Brand recognition amongst the motorsport community in Dubai
  • generate publicity and marketing opportunities
  • join the grassroots racing community and help it grow

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